Prevent breast cancer with these effective yoga asana.

Breast cancer is very rampant nowadays and it is the leading cause of deaths in women. Many Indian women are ignorant towards their bodies and hence they miss out the early symptoms of breast cancer. One should always look out for the symptoms like swelling or soreness of breast, formation of lump in the breast, retracted nipples etc. There are many causes of breast cancer and most of them are not in our control. Sometimes breast cancer isn’t even identified until they have reached advanced stage. So, it is very important for us to take care of our breasts to prevent this deadly disease. With proper diet and yoga practice you can prevent breast cancer.

Here are three effective yoga asana to prevent breast cancer. Do it daily for the best result.

Akarna dhanurasana: This asana is also called ear bow pose or archer’s pose.  While doing this asana all the pressure is on the chest area. It is very effective in reducing the risk of breast cancer. If there is any lump formation in the breast, it can help get rid of that.


1.       Stand straight, with legs apart.

2.       Move your right leg to the front. Stretch your right arm to the front as well. Your fist would be clenched and thumbs would be up.

3.       Now now bring your left hand to the right. Inhale deeply and pull your left hand  back and bring it behind your left ear. This step should look like you are shooting arrow.

4.       While doing so, you will push your rib and breast to the front. All the pressure would be on chest area.

5.       Be in this position until you can hold your breath. After that return back to your original position.

yoga for breast cancer
Akarna dhanurasana

vakshaswasana: This  is a very effective yoga pose to work out chest and neck area.


1.       Lie flat on your back. Your hands should be by your side, palm facing up. Your legs would be together and stretched straight.

2.       Keep your body relaxed and calm. Inhale deeply. Take as much breath as you can.

3.       Now lift your chest up. Stretch it as much as you can. Count till 20-30 or until you can hold your breath.

4.       Now exhale slowly and bring your chest down.

5.       Do this asana for at least 10-15 times.

This asana would prevent the formation of lump in your breast.

yoga for breast cancer


Sarpasana: Sarpasana or snake pose strengthens chest and shoulder and is very effective in reducing the risk of breast cancer. If practiced daily it can also reduce the risk of heart related disease.


1.       Lie flat on your stomach. Your hands would be by your side, legs would be straight and forehead would be touching the ground.

2.       Lock your fingers together and stretch it towards back.

3.       Take a deep breath and hold it inside. Now lift your head and torso from the ground and stretch it back as much as you can. Stretch your hands further back.

4.       Be in this position for 10 to 15 seconds. Exhale and return back to your original position.

yoga for breast cancer


If you perform these asanas regularly you can keep breast cancer at bay.

Click here to watch these asanas being performed by Mrityunjay Yoga‘s expert trainer.


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