Why Yoga is important for children?

“Yoga helps to provide building blocks for the future. It is our responsibility to develop our children’s sense of wonder and to give them a strong sense of self so they know where they belong in this world and can contribute to making their community a better place.”

Yoga is the practice of accessing one’s breath and integrating body, mind and soul in the pursuit of something greater and bigger. Slowly Yoga is gaining importance not only in India but all over the world. But there is a common belief and thought that Yoga is only for adults or only grown up people should do Yoga. Yoga has numerous advantages and why should children be barred from these advantages.

In this article we will tell you about seven benefits of Yoga for children.

Enhances body’s flexibility; Yoga includes a lot of stretching and twisting of bodies and thus increases physical flexibility. When kids start practising Yoga from young age, it impacts their mental and physical health in a great way. Their flexibility, immunity and body strength increases. It further helps in their overall growth.

Yoga for kids

Increases concentration; Children are very fickle minded and it’s very hard for them to concentrate on one thing. Most of the time students with less concentration lag behind academically. Regular meditation and Yoga helps kids clear their mind and increase their focus. It has been seen that Children who practice yoga excel both in academics and other physical activities.

Yoga for kids

Make them aware of their own body/being; Yoga mainly focuses on breathing, it teaches us to control and channel our breath. By practicing different breathing techniques and body movements, kids get aware of their own body and being. It teaches them to express themselves better and helps them to build strong connection with people around them.

Yoga for kids

Anger management; Most kids have tendency of getting angry or aggressive very easily. These habits if not controlled in young age often prove to be harmful in their grown up days. Yoga and meditation has proved to be very beneficial in anger and stress management. Yoga can also be beneficial for hyperactive kids.

Boost self esteem and self confidence; It is very important for kids to have self esteem and self confidence. It is needed for their healthy growth. Yoga and meditation can help boost kids’ self esteem and self confidence.

Yoga also helps to ward off instability and sickness in children, as most children are prone to these two things.

Yoga for kids

Encourage healthy habits; It is often advised to enrol kids in some activities classes, as it helps to develop positive attitude and healthy habits in them. And nothing can be better than Yoga, as it not only make kids active but also helps them to maintain healthy lifestyle.  It also teaches them to focus on constructive things and have calmness of mind.

Supports Positive mental health; If we take all this benefits together, then they all lead to only one thing and that is positive mental health. If good habits and positive attitude is instilled in children from very young age then their mental health improves automatically. These kids are most likely to be optimistic in life and always have positive approach towards life.

Yoga for kids

Yoga helps children understand that relaxation of mind and body is not only needed but encouraged.



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